Provacyl™ Fight Andropause Feel Young

Fight Andropause Feel Young Again

  • Fight Male Menopause
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Increase HGH
  • More Energy
  • Greater Sex Drive


Fight Andropause Feel Young Again Increase Physical Stamina, Decrease Body Fat, Feel Younger with Provacyl™ 

  • naturally, increase the male sex drive
  • help reduce excess body fat
  • increase lean muscle mass
  • boost physical stamina
  • produce feelings of well-being and a positive life outlook

Do you experience ANDROPAUSE? Not just women experience the negative effects of a midlife hormone change.

Male andropause, sometimes known as “male menopause,” happens when a man's capacity to manufacture hormones like testosterone and HGH (also known as the “youth hormone”) starts to decline.

Men's hormone levels fall by about 10% every ten years!
Consequently, you produce less than 75% of the testosterone and HGH you did in your twenties by the time you are 45!


Enhanced sexual drive, energy, memory, and more

Thankfully, you don't have to put up with the signs of male andropause…

You don't even need to accept aging, really!

Research demonstrates the following as “andropause” and “male menopause” have begun to catch the attention of the medical community:

By taking daily supplements of essential herbals, amino acids, minerals, and peptides, you CAN actually get your body to start creating more young amounts of testosterone and HGH (the “youth hormone”) than it was before.

You can now do this with Provacyl™ owing to the rigorous research and formulation work of our team here at Leading Edge Health.


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