Profolan Number One Hair Loss Product

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The number one hair loss product

  • Regardless of age, having long, thick hair
  • Self-assurance and magnetic appeal
  • For any kind of baldness, hair growth
  • even where it has been missing for a long period, new hair

The Number One Hair Loss Product is Profolan. It is authentic and originated in the USA. Profolan promotes hair growth in addition to preventing hair thinning. Nine out of ten users suggest the product, making it the Number One Hair Loss Product in the market. Additionally, Profolan not only inhibits hair loss but also prevents greying, which is good for hair colour. It is a completely natural formula with no negative side effects.

Essential components of Profolan!
Only natural, side-effect-free substances are used in Profolan. As a result, Profolan may be utilized for:




(slight baldness)

increased scalp greasiness

What is on the schedule?

These capsules set themselves apart from their counterparts thanks to the unique composition of the Profolan formulation. There isn't a treatment that works better and doesn't have side effects.



8 reviews for Profolan Number One Hair Loss Product

  1. Gretchen Flowers

    My hair was noticeably thinner in some spots. I saw the ad on television and thought I would give it a try. In a totally unrelated matter, I made a visit to my dermatologist and what did I see? Literature and the liquid form of them! I have just ordered my second month supply. I am more than pleased with my results.

  2. Janice Washington

    My hair has always been thin and fine and I tend to shed A TON. Post COVID I developed acute thyroiditis and that imbalance did a toll on my hair. Tried so many different supplements and serums until trying this brand. I have severe IBS and was scared to take so many pills daily. I only did 1-2 of these a day instead of the recommended 4. Within the first month and a half of taking this supplement my baby hairs were growing out to now fit in my pony tail. Overall hair looked slightly thicker, shinier, and stronger. Im on my second bottle and recommend to give it a try! Im 24 years old, good health, and my hair loss was primarily due to hormonal imbalance, stress, and genetics since my hair has always been a bit thinner. I wouldn’t expect this to all of us a sudden make you go from balding to thick locks, however, most likely you will notice a mild-moderate difference as I did. Hope this works for you as it did me!

  3. Cathy Tucker

    Automatically subscribed. Hairline is coming back thick and my natural brown color has replaced the gray! Who knew! 😆 I drink a ton of water during the day, I exercise daily, and I eat a super healthy diet; the occasional cheats. I truly believe that if you are nourishing yourself with the right things, this will only help speed the process. I lost a ton of hair during 2020 due to stress and uncertainty. I’m at the end of my second bottle and the results are amazing. Be patient and optimistic about it because that will immensely help too. At first, I neurotically checked my hairline everyday and one day I had to stop because it was just too much to obsess over and that alone was a lot of unnecessary stress. I looked in the mirror this morning 9/19/22 for the first time in 2 months and the hair has made its way back to my life. I might as well keep it going for at least a year to see the end results!

  4. Leona Garner

    I bought a month worth for each my husband and I. I wanted to make sure the pills didn’t have an after taste or repeat on us before buying multiple months worth. So far so good. No after taste or repeating. The pills are on the larger side, so if you have a hard time swallowing pills these could be difficult for you. I think I see a difference with my husband’s hair but it has only been a month. For me, I bought these pills because I lose so so much hair in the shower. I do notice not as much hair is coming out when I wash it. We are at the end of our bottles and my husbands bottle was 1 pill short. My bottle was two pills short. Now, I know 1 and 2 are not large numbers, but if this keeps happening with every bottle it will add up, and these pills are not cheap.

  5. Chelsea Scott

    Mid-30s is when I noticed my hair starting to change texture/follicles thin. Ponytails started to reveal a little more scalp, and I could feel the water hitting my scalp a lot more in the shower. Things got very scary when I noticed my hair not only thinning out, but starting to fall out a lot easier! I could just gently yank on some of my hair and boom, there goes a few strands! I started to notice sooooo much more of my hair around the house! Ah! I had to do something…

    With researching ways to lose less hair, I discovered this! 🙂 I was very skeptical at first about something other than Rogaine actually working for me, but I am more than happy I gave this a try! A month in, I didn’t really see a difference in my hair, 2 months in, I started to see less of my hair falling out in the shower, and now 3 months in I see even less falling and more growth! PATIENCE.
    The only thing I would change about this is the price! It works, but… it isn’t cheap! Oh, and the pills have a weird smell to them but, not too bad.

  6. Gladys Wagner

    I have lots of hair but this time of year I tend to lose quite a bit. This amazing product helps prevent that.

  7. Bessie Stokes

    Haven’t noticed a lot of difference after several months of using

  8. Heidi Stanley

    I love the bonus that this product also thickens and darkens my eye lashes too!!

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