PrimeGENIX® Fitness Supplements For Men Over 40

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Fitness Supplements For Men Over 40

  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Stamina
  • Optimize Energy
  • Promote Recovery
  • Boost Libido
  • Enhance Performance

Fitness Supplements For Men Over 40 PrimeGENIX® is a single-ingredient formula. It contains 500 mg of a 100% natural, U.S. patented compound, derived from the Fenugreek herb (Trigonella foenum-graecum).

  • Increase Daily Energy Levels
  • Better Workouts
  • Build Muscle Faster
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • More Focus
  • More Motivation & Drive
  • Better Sex

Why not feel like you're still 20 years old in your body as well?
Every guy has a decision to make in life. Either you let your age dictate how you feel, or YOU decide how you want to feel, regardless of your age.

By providing scientifically researched formulae created to improve the health of male hormones, physical performance, and virility, PrimeGENIX is on a mission to assist men in combating the consequences of aging and promotes Fitness Supplements For Men Over 40.

Do the things you enjoy doing no matter your age. To feel at your best, fuel your body with our cutting-edge male formulations.

We offer a 100% SATISFACTION guarantee on all PrimeGENIXTM products. Simply return the item within 67 days for a full refund of the purchase price, excluding delivery, if you're not completely happy (for any reason). But after you start reaping the daily rewards of our premium formulae, you'll be glad you gave PrimeGENIXTM a try.

In 12 weeks, increase free testosterone by up to 72.87%
A 100% natural, U.S. patented substance called TestodrenTM has been demonstrated in clinical studies to boost free testosterone in men over 40 by up to 72.87% in just 12 weeks. With increased testosterone, you'll have more energy throughout the day, stronger workouts, quicker muscular growth, and greater enthusiasm to make the most of life.

5 reviews for PrimeGENIX® Fitness Supplements For Men Over 40

  1. Terence Woods

    A phenomenal supplement. Within 5 days I felt a positive difference. Elevated energy and mood. Night sweats stopped / sleep quality much better. Highly recommended.

  2. Cody Hoffman

    This excellent supplement, it help with water retention and most importantly balance your hormones . It is great for losing weight as well . I had a baby about a year ago and my hormones are wacked up taking this supplement along with Chaste tree and it’s working great!

  3. Willard Price

    After having my third child, my hormones were so messed up. Over the last 15 years I’ve always felt like I was going crazy before I got my period. Not only was I super irritable, but my skin would be so sensitive not even my five year old could hug me with out my skin crawling. Then I’d get my period and I’d feel SO much better, I was always thankful to get my period for the mental relief. I’ve tried all sort of anti depressants and not a single one worked. my mood was always low but it only got lower and lower over the years. After my third child I was in a constant state of this. My doctor would not listen to me that it was my hormones and just kept saying I’m depressed. So I did some research and came to the conclusion I may have high estrogen. I tried other hormone regulating supplements, but they only made my problems worse. But THIS product changed my life. I got my first period in 10+ years with no crazy feeling beforehand. My mood lifted and has stayed there. And I have MOTIVATION, for the first time in my life not everything feels like nails on a chalk board to me. It has changed everything for me. I am so thankful for this product!

  4. Saul Joseph

    as far as I can tell that the product is really good!

  5. Alvin Stevenson

    I took this to help me with my hormones since I stopped the pills and had acnes all over. It was perfect, after a couple weeks I already could see the changes. I took for 6 months and now I stopped and the acnes didn’t come back.

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