Octomoves Improve Movement And Joint Health With Rope

Improve Movement and Joint Health With Rope

Give people back the joy to move

Octomoves The jump rope calorie burner is an excellent tool for taking the shoulders through their full range of motion that helps improve movement and joint health with rope, which includes flexion, extension, and internal and external rotation antiaging qualities.

In fact, numerous customers have reported improvements in shoulder mobility, with some even experiencing a reduction of long-lasting shoulder and lower back pain!


Performing the classic figure-8 pattern with the rope effectively opens the hips and wrings out any tension in the mid-back – both areas that stiffen up as a result of modern habits like sitting and using tech.

It also helps to activate the glutes and the deep core – two places that tend to go ‘sleepy’ after prolonged sitting. 

The result is a body that feels more balanced and free to move.

Our identity is based on staying active.

Sweating always clears our brains and uplifts our moods, whether it be when exercising at the gym, trekking in the woods, or surfing a wave.

That is why we are constantly looking for new ways to move. And it brought me to Kung Fu.

When I was practising the Chain Whip, a Kung Fu weapon, my coach said, “Why don't you try rolling ropes too?” I did.

I was hooked as soon as I made my first move.

Not only was it fun to cut through the air with a rope, but it was also a fantastic kind of physical and mental workout.

As I continued the exercise, I became aware of my coordination,

Flexibility, mental clarity, and concentration all increased significantly. The very best? It was doable by anyone.

I joined forces with my business partner, Tautvydas, to spread the word after realizing the flow rope's potential.

So Octomoves came into being. After testing dozens of ropes and performing many repetitions, we finally found the ideal rope.

To ensure the finest quality and the least amount of air drag, each rope is handcrafted, which is crucial if you want to experience the flow.

We invite you to try and fully immerse yourself in the flow if you still believe it to be nothing more than a rope to improve movement and joint health with rope.

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