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Regardless of health problems or lifestyle choices, aging brings about physiological, physical, mental, social, and environmental changes that might have a negative impact on the general health and nutritional quality of the aged population. Understanding a patient's nutritional state requires being aware of the factors that contribute to shifting food preferences and nutritional demands. to talk beyond diet, their nutritional needs must be taken into account. 

Despite the lack of an agreed-upon definition common signs of malnutrition in the elderly include uncontrollable weight loss and an abnormal body mass index (BMI) inadequacies in particular vitamins (Leonard and Ulijaszek, 2002), and lower dietary intake (Reuben et al., 2004). Even despite the fact that older people are particularly susceptible to malnutrition, efforts are being made to give them appropriate nutrition

Frequently run into practical issues. First, the nutritional needs of the elderly are not clearly defined. Lean body mass and basal metabolic rate both decrease with age, therefore an older individual requires less energy per kilogram of body weight. 

Recognizing that diet and nutrition are crucial for maintaining good health. We look at the evolving dietary requirements of aging, disease prevention, and functioning (WHO, 2003). Provides recommendations for the management, diagnosis, and evaluation of old people as well as for the avoidance of disabilities pertaining to dietary requirements.

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